Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bandini Review

There are times when you watch a movie with lots of expectations but it disappoints you. And yet there are times when you get more than you bargained for. Yesterday I had an experience of the later kind.
After a long search I got hold of Bimal Roy's masterpiece :Bandini and watched it.
Bandini is set in 1930s. It revolves around a beautiful and freespirited woman(Nutan) who finds love in a freedom fighter(Ashok Kumar). Her lover goes to town only not to come back again, leaving her and her father face all sorts of social humiliation. Not being able to see her father getting insulted because of her, she leaves the village and starts working as a nurse in a private nursing home in town.There,in an unfortunate circumstance, she commits a crime and has to go to jail. In jail,a young doctor(Dharmendra) falls in love with her, but she disapproves it. In the end she has to choose between both of them.This movie shows her transition through all these stages of life.
An women-oriented movie, it shows many social issues, but the best part is : it never tries to preach you. Here the protagonist is vulnerable yet strong-willed, just like a quintessential indian woman. A very simple yet engaging stroy telling, captivating camera work and above all many memorable songs make this movie a treat to watch.
Looking at the performances, both Ashok Kumar and Dharmendra do their part really well. But the movie solely belongs to Nutan. Without being overtly dramatic, she gives a fine display of effective and natural acting.Her face and eyes evoke gamut of expressions. She aptly holds the whole movie on her able soulders. Definitely this is her career-best performance.
On the whole,this is an extremely good movie with great contribution from all the departments. Despite it being a B&W movie, you will never miss a color.
A must watch for cinema lovers!


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